LIGHT HOUSE is an exciting initiative between the Church of England and Methodist organisations, to follow Jesus, offering adventurous Faith, Hope and Love into the heart of the community right where you are. Click here to explore what this means.

During the current COVID-19 crisis 

Our church building is closed for worship and activities. 


We are using Facebook and WhatsApp to continue to offer love, support and encouragement. 

The building continues to be used in various ways to support the community.

We meet together on Zoom for Sunday worship at 10:30am and post a short act of worship on Facebook and Youtube on Sunday lunchtime

As a church we continue to pray regularly. 

Our  particular time is 7.00pm where invite all to light a candle and join in praying with others, from where ever you are.

For more information please find us on Facebook  "Lawford Light House" or use the contact form.

Baptisms, Weddings & Funerals

As an Ordained Church of England Priest and  licensed as a Methodist, Diane is authorised to take these special and memorable services, Please use the contact form in the first instance and Diane will get back to you.


As an initiative operating from a Methodist Church, we take safeguarding of individuals very seriously and operate our policies and procedures in line with the standards of the Methodist church. For any concerns the Methodist district safeguarding officer can be contacted on 07722 024250. 

More information and contact numbers can be found here