Operating within the standards and procedures of the Methodist Church we take Safeguarding, very seriously. More detail can be found in our policy document which you can download by clicking on the link below.


Here is a summary of the key points and a list of useful contact numbers should you have any concerns or questions.

Key Contacts

Minister - Rev Diane Bussey  - 07504133449 or email from here.
Church Safeguarding Officer - Ms Jo Wood, email here.
Methodist Safeguarding - Ms Gill Crippen 07722024250
Local Children's services - 01926414144
Local adult/Social Care Services - 01926412080
Social Services out of hours  - 01926886922

Remember Good Practice

  • Treat everybody with respect setting a positive example
  • Respect everyone's personal space
  • Ensure your actions cannot be misinterpreted
  • Challenge unacceptable behaviour in a constructive way
  • Do not put yourself or other people in vulnerable situations
  • Do not have inappropriate physical contacts with others
  • Always share safeguarding concerns

What to do if you have concerns about possible abuse

  • Keep a written record of what happened, your concerns and your actions
  • Contact the minister or safeguarding officer.
  • Only tell or discuss with others who need to know

Responding to a Child, young person, parent or other adult who shares with you about abuse

  • Never promise to keep a secret
  • React calmly and be aware of  non verbal messages
  • Don't stop someone who is talking freely about what has happened
  • Don't ask leading questions
  • Reassure the person they have done the right thing by telling you
  • Avoid making comments or judgements
  • Tell the person what will happen next (report to Minister or safeguarding officer)
  • Record using the persons words and noting dates and times