Lawford Light House

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Church bookings

The church building and grounds are available for hire, either regular bookings or one off events, eg. children's parties. Please note that bookings are subject to agreement which include  the understanding that, because we are a Methodist church,  no alcohol can be consumed on the premises and the event cannot involve gambling of any nature. 

Please be aware that the church is used by our Wraparound Care during term times, so is unavailable for hire before 9.00 am or between 2.30 - 6.00 pm during the week.

The hire charges are in 3 categories

Category 1 - Use by a charitable organisation in support of the local community - cost is negotiable.

Category 2 - Use by members or groups from the local community £20 per hour.

Category 3 - Use by a private business, or for private use by individuals or groups not based in the local community - £25 per hour

Additional charges of £1 per hour are applicable for use of  each of the following facilities - Soft Play, Internet, Table Tennis & Pool Table,  

If you are interested in making a booking  please  use the contact form to get in touch and we will confirm your bookings - please note that bookings are not valid unless you have received confirmation from us.