Lawford Light House

Adventures in Faith Hope Love

About Us

Revd Diane and Stuart Bussey welcome you to a fresh way of church in Long Lawford.

Supported by both the Anglicans and the Methodists this exciting initiative is about putting church into the community and context where you are.

LIGHT HOUSE has 3 objectives

If you want to find out more please use the contact form.

How you fit in.

If you’re a Christian living in Long Lawford but worshipping elsewhere. We understand that each of us has our “roots” – it doesn’t matter which denomination or Christian Faith group you attend - we’re not asking that you dig these up, but stay where you are, and from there join in with the church in our community

If you’re a Christian (and according to the 2011 census 73% of the people in our community are) but don’t “do church or religion” – we understand that many feel it’s irrelevant, a waste of time or maybe have been hurt by the church in the past. We believe that church at its best is about Faith, Hope and Love and we invite you to please get in touch or consider joining one of the community activities.

If you’re not sure about any of this "stuff" but simply want a place to ask some questions and just see where it goes, then we would love to hear from you.

If you’re a member of another faith group, we respect that and would love to meet with you, if you would like, and of course you are welcome to join one of our groups

Ok so you think this is all nonsense and that God is at best an imaginary higher being that people cling to. Well thank you for reading this far. We offer you our time to chat and a place where you can find friendship and community. You are very welcome to join one of the groups.

If you feel that this is something that appeals and you would consider being involved with then please complete the contact form, Diane or Stuart will get back to you.

Light House Leaders

leadersDiane was born in Rugby, and was ordained an Anglican priest in 2008 and licensed to the Methodist Church in 2009.  She has previously worked as a prison chaplain with young offenders and juveniles, and as a church minister on Brownsover.

The focus for Stuart's ministry as a Christian has been about providing opportunities for the church to enhance the local community, offering services and support where needed.